Our older pets are experiencing greater quality of life for longer than ever before, thanks to many advances in senior pet care. Excellent nutrition through quality foods, weight control and exercise planning, regular dental care, and wellness care with a strong disease prevention component all contribute to a healthier, happier senior pet.

The most significant addition to senior care is the ability of veterinarians to detect developing problems at their earliest stages and implement the least invasive treatments aimed at controlling or eliminating the problem. An aggressive approach to pain management contributes to the comfort of senior pets, allowing them to be active members of the family for much longer and enhancing the human-animal bond.

This early detection program is achieved through twice-annual exams, senior lab tests, routine dental care, regular vaccinations, and ongoing parasite prevention. These simple steps constitute a vast improvement in our approach to geriatric pet care and, most importantly, allow your older pet to live a happier and healthier life.

Senior Wellness Package

Added value is found in our specialty wellness package for senior pets. This popular, cost-saving program has grown out of our commitment to preventive health care for our senior patients.

Redwood Veterinary Hospital’s Senior Wellness Packages offer important senior pet care at a reduced cost.

For an insider’s view of senior pet care, enjoy Dr. John Huebner’s article, The Older Pet.