Change in Privacy Policy

  • The Solano County Animal Control Services Division has informed Redwood Veterinary Hospital, Inc that Solano County has privatized the dog licensing program by contracting with PetData, Inc, an out-of-state company based in Irving, TX. PetData Inc. specializes in the business of animal licensing and services many areas around the United States. Solano County Ordinance Article IX, Sec. 4-152, which states:

    Every licensed veterinarian in the county shall submit, at a frequency to be determined by the animal control director, but not more frequently than every two weeks, a record of the names and addresses of the owners of those dogs which he or she has administered rabies vaccination, and a brief description of the animal vaccinated during the immediately preceding reporting period. (Ord. No. 1207, § 1, Rev. 12/97)

    Solano County is requiring this reporting of rabies vaccinations and owner information by local veterinarians in an effort to improve licensing within the county.

    Redwood Veterinary Hospital, Inc has always respected the privacy of our clients and has always declined to release client information to a third party without specific client permission or by order of a court of law. We have learned through the Napa-Solano Veterinary Medical Association and through the California Veterinary Medical Association that there is legal precedence that allows Solano County to require veterinarians to release previously confidential client information to them, even through a third party such as PetData, Inc. We have been assured, both by Solano County and by PetData, Inc that the client information we release, as required by county ordinance, "will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of ensuring compliance with Solano County ordinance codes, and the information will only be available to PetData, Inc and Solano County Animal Care Offices."1

    1 Official Notification by Solano County Animal Care Services Division to Redwood Veterinary Hospital, Inc of intent to enforce licensing and of contract with PetData, Inc, dated May 27, 2003.
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