The professionals of Redwood Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to wellness care for your pets, demonstrated by our focus on the important issue of weight control. Pet owners must consider weight control in pets as vital to their well being—as important as diet, regular check-ups, exercise, shelter, vaccinations, and other health care.

Expertise in Animal Nutrition

Our own Dr. Brian Veltri holds a master’s degree in animal nutrition along with his DVM degree. While Dr. Veltri practices all aspects of canine and feline medicine, he has a special interest in this area of veterinary nutrition and is pleased to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s special dietary needs. Dr. Veltri has developed a spreadsheet tracking the calorie content of many of the common pet foods on the market. While he cannot keep up with every available diet, he may be able to help assess the calorie content (not available on pet food labels) of the pet food you’re currently feeding and advise you how much to feed given your pet’s unique lifestyle. This can be very helpful in developing a weight control plan.

There are some commercial diets that have been developed to be low in calorie for the purpose of weight loss. Additionally, many of the clinicians at Redwood Veterinary Hospital have have had positive results with a diet from Hill’s called Metabolic Diet. Hill’s claims this diet “…works with each dog’s unique metabolic response activating the body’s natural ability to burn excess body fat and effect calorie utilization”. Hill’s claims that “…in an in-home feeding study, 88% of pets experienced weight loss within 2 months”.

For more information about our pet weight loss program contact our office at 707-553-1400.

For more on this subject, read Dr. John Huebner’s article addressing the issue of Obesity in Pets.

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