Animal Health Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostic technology and skilled practitioners form the foundation for a quality veterinary medical and surgical practice. Redwood Veterinary Hospital offers modern diagnostic capabilities enhanced by years of experience and ongoing advanced training in modern veterinary medicine.

Diagnostic Technology

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment includes ultrasound, endoscopy, a fully equipped on-site laboratory, and sophisticated digital x-ray systems (both full body and dental). This digital technology uses no film and is entirely computerized, allowing us to sharpen, magnify, lighten, or darken images instantly for maximum diagnostic information.

Board certified radiologists interpret all of our X-rays (with the exception of dental studies). Usually within 1-2 hours after the X-ray is taken we have a written Radiologist’s report. This invaluable input from a specialist radiologist can greatly improve diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic success.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Dr. John Huebner, one of our senior clinicians, has pursued extensive training in diagnostic ultrasound though the Academy of Veterinary Imaging. Abdominal exams allow closer evaluation of kidney, liver, pancreas, adrenal and bowel issues. Cardiac studies help us better understand heart issues and direct appropriate therapy.

Redwood Veterinary Hospital offers excellence in small animal health care.