The professionals of Redwood Veterinary Hospital understand that wellness care is the best value in veterinary medicine. Preventing disease and chronic conditions spares your pet the trauma and pain associated with disease and treatment, as well as saving costly veterinary fees for the pet owner.

This focus on wellness means our veterinarians are advising clients about the pet health benefits of weight control, appropriate nutrition, regular physical exams, and regular lab tests, in addition to behavior counseling and training.

Pet owners have moved away from seeing pets as “just animals,” including them as privileged and beloved members of the family. This greater attention to the quality of life for pets and their contribution to family life has led to a stronger and more rewarding human-animal bond.

Specialty Wellness Packages

Our veterinarians suggest vitally important patient-specific programs aimed at preventing diseases and parasite infestations before such problems affect the quality of your pet’s life. From routine vaccinations to heartworm, flea, and other parasite control, these programs are effective and relatively inexpensive measures to ensure health and long life.

Added value is found in our specialty wellness packages for puppies, kittens, and senior pets. These cost-saving programs have grown out of our commitment to preventive health care for all of our patients.

Redwood Veterinary Hospital wellness packages offer a special rate for such services as veterinary exams, vaccinations, fecal exams, and deworming. In addition, the packages offer discounts in products and services such as heartworm preventive medication, microchip identification, and spay or neuter surgery.

We would like to share with you some concerns about feline vaccinations in our Notice to All Cat Owners.

As veterinarians, we are required to release specific information to Solano County officials regarding rabies vaccinations. Read about this Solano County ordinance in our Rabies Vaccination Privacy Policy.

PetPortal: On your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or home computer, access your pet health Records

Pet Portal allows pet owners online access to a personalized, private pet health web page for their family pets. With our online pet portal you can:

  • Keep up with appointment reminders. Receive reminders for (and easily confirm) your appointments via email and/or text message
  • View your pet’s health history
  • See what’s due for your pet
  • Read up on the latest in pet health
  • At your convenience, request an appointment or prescription refill

For more information about our focus on wellness care, enjoy Dr. John Huebner’s article, Preventive Health Care.

Convenient Forms

Redwood Veterinary Hospital provides our clients with convenient online and downloadable forms. Filling out and submitting forms prior to your appointment or procedure saves you time and reduces stress during the check-in process.

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