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Why the Wait? A Look at Veterinary Care During the Pandemic

By March 19, 2021 September 7th, 2021 Uncategorized

Life changed for all of us last year. By adapting to strict safety measures and enforcing new protocols, essential businesses like ours were able to continue serving the community. But veterinary care during the pandemic looks—and feels—vastly different than before. We’re doing what needs to be done, but for various reasons pet owners are facing longer than usual wait times.

A Dramatic Shift

To maintain the safest environment for our staff, we’ve restricted the amount of visitors inside the hospital. Like other industries, veterinary staff has been affected by Covid’s effect on family dynamics. With schools closed and many multi-generational households trying to stay safe, some professionals have opted to remain at home.

Remaining staff members take more time to clean and disinfect hospital areas to ensure the next patient is as safe as possible. They are also relied on to take extra time on the phone with pet owners to discuss treatment plans, process payments, go over test results, and prescribe medications.

The Extra Mile

Another reason that veterinary care during the pandemic might take longer than before is because of the ways we now see patients.

We are utilizing curbside drop-offs and socially distanced appointments that can take more time than our typically streamlined schedule of in-person visits. Our dedicated staff members bring pets into and out of the hospital, and address any issues or answer questions over the phone. All of this means that more time is needed to achieve the same quality of care your pet deserves. This can make it harder to squeeze in as many appointments as we’d like.

We remain committed to accommodating our clients and strive to deliver the highest caliber of veterinary care possible.

A New World

Adding to the operational challenges is the fact that there are just so many more pets in the community now. With people sheltering in place and staying home as much as possible, the need for animal companionship skyrocketed last year. This is great news for animal shelters (and for pets and their new owners alike!), but this increase of adopted pets means that veterinary hospitals are backed up to provide the care they need.

Veterinary Care During the Pandemic

Perhaps you’ve noticed an uncharacteristic lag in someone getting back to you, or haven’t been able to schedule a prompt appointment for your pet. Like many other veterinary hospitals across the country we are doing the best we can to keep up with the increased demand for veterinary care during the pandemic.

We are determined to uphold the highest veterinary standards while balancing staffing shortages, illness, and safety. It isn’t easy, but we are heartened by the support and understanding of our beloved community. We are all in this together.

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