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Ultrasound Imaging: Only the Best for Your Pet

By April 12, 2021 September 7th, 2021 Uncategorized

At Redwood Veterinary Hospital we strive to be…well…the best. From our expert team to advanced technologies, and the passion we show for our work, we want to ensure that your pets receive the veterinary care and attention they need to help them live long healthy lives.

One way that we provide that extra quality is in our ability to offer our patients in-house ultrasound imaging. Not every animal hospital has this capability, and it’s one more way we feel that we are able to give our clientele the best that the San Francisco Bay area has to offer.

Why Ultrasound Imaging?

Ultrasound technology is not new. In fact, it was first used in the medical setting over 75 years ago. Recent technical advances have made ultrasound an indispensable diagnostic tool. Frankly, our doctors don’t know what they’d do without it.  That said, not all veterinarians are versed in, or have the equipment to perform, ultrasound exams. We are not the only hospital that offers ultrasound imaging. We are, however, among very few that offer such a high-level service in the general practice setting.

Ultrasound imaging uses harmless, inaudible sound waves to create real-time images and videos of structures within the body including abdominal organs and the heart. Ultrasound is considered complementary to radiographs (X-rays) as it provides different kinds of information. That’s why our clinicians often combine the results from X-rays and ultrasound to make an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. John Huebner has undergone extensive training specifically in performing and interpreting ultrasound imaging for pets and has a great deal of experience. In fact, after 30 years of being on the “front lines” at Redwood, he now limits his practice to ultrasound imaging. His expertise brings our hospital to the cutting edge when it comes to treating pets. While Dr. Huebner is not a Radiologist, his unique training allows us to identify those more complex cases that ultimately may need referral to Boarded specialists in diagnostic imaging or other medical specialties such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, Cardiology, and Oncology

Whether we are doing an abdominal or cardiac ultrasound, this type of diagnostic testing is very safe and non-invasive. In some cases, but not all, pets may need light sedation to help them relax during the procedure. A relaxed patient usually results in better images. Additionally, we often use ultrasound to guide fluid or tissue sample collection for a more accurate diagnosis.

How Your Pet Benefits

So how does your pet benefit from our ability to provide high quality abdominal and cardiac ultrasound?

  • Sooner availability (no outside referral necessary)
  • Faster answers when your pet is in pain or distress
  • Less stress for your pet since no additional drive is necessary
  • More accurate and timely diagnoses
  • Ability to provide more targeted therapy, especially in the case of heart problems
  • Ease of collaboration amongst DVMs in the practice
  • Chance to go back and obtain subsequent scans easily

Time is often essential when it comes to veterinary problems in our pets. Our ability to provide this type of diagnostic testing on-site can make a huge difference in many cases.

Whether it be heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, concerns about blood test results, or a plethora of other problems, we know that our ability to provide your pets quality and timely ultrasound imaging under our roof makes a difference. If you would like to make an appointment to experience our kind of care, contact us today.

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